Red Tile PR is a public relations firm that exists specifically to assist small business owners who can't afford to hire a traditional PR agency, yet are seeking to raise their company’s visibility.


Recognizing that small businesses often have extrodinarily tight budgets, our agency uses a retainer-free model. This means that instead of having to pay thousands of dollars per month like traditional PR agencies require, with us you only pay for exactly what you need at any given time. Once that specific project is done, you have the option to pause work until additional promotion is required. This enables small business owners to have access to seasoned PR experts, while giving them the flexibility to manage their limited resourses.


Successfully promoting your company is absolutely critical to every small business and is one of the major keys to surviving the extraordinarily challenging economic times we’re living through.


Now we invite you to explore the rest of the site in order to learn more about our agency, and the services we provide.